About Us

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Shanghai every day moved service limited established Yu 2000, and Shanghai the big strength strong of Shanghai moved company joined transport, has has is a has larger scale of handling limited, has long, company in "security shortcut, and heavy keep integrity, and suitable price business, and perfect service" of business concept, for General customer provides quality, and efficient of service, get has general customer of common recognized and support.
Just a few years the rapid development of the company, has now developed into a moving industry of professional transport companies in Shanghai, had been set up in the city's districts and independent handling and service outlets. In 2002 the company has opened large factories moving service, there are success stories in more than more than 100, the company has with SAIC, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai urban construction company, Shanghai freight companies, Pudong garden Bureau and other institutions signed a moving agent Protocol, making the company size and growth, good hardware update, with all kinds of moving vehicles and more than more than 80, Porter is more than more than 200 people.