The way furniture lost just a false alarm

Moving furniture than half even car is gone, and this happens all around us. Whether moving company in Beijing, and delivery trucks of furniture, should have their normal operating procedures, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.
Around 13 o'clock, Susan with a truck driver came to Kang district, air conditioning, sofas, computers, household items furniture, such as a car, began to walk towards the jinlu area. Along the way, Susan riding a motorcycle behind the truck, went to Orchid road in Korla sunshine hospital nearby, a problem with vehicles, told Susan, let her go in front. Susan walked for a while, stopped trucks. "After several times and the weather is hot, lorry drivers also kind enough to let me get to the front of the shade and wait for him. "Yesterday, Susan said to reporters, but waited nearly half an hour, lorry drivers also didn't come, she then hurried back to find. On the way to find a circle, never saw the driver, she started out in a cold sweat: truck driver pulled furniture?
Because of the rush, when only the price, Susan forgot to ask the driver's phone number and remember the car number. She had to Korla tuanjie road, police station, Public Security Bureau police.
I did not expect, around 18 o'clock, Susan suddenly got a strange phone call, said she moved furniture for lorry drivers, they told her on the phone, and she lost, looking for a long time but haven't found her, finally had to return to a moving place, this just asking to get her number.
Although the incident back to Susan's furniture in, was a mistake, but we have to think about, if you do anything normal rational processes won't let Ms had a false alarm. Whether Beijing moving company or a variety of operations, should play by the rules.