Shanghai moving company charges of confusion

Shanghai experience knows that moving, moving company charges had not been a clear standard, but in recent years, to move the various fees charged only formal Shanghai moving company will out a form of tender prices. Often in the process of moving expenses that would include other unclear, so that customers can not understand why. They don't understand the charges, and, is not legal, is the confusion of charging performance.
In survey of journalists, a moving company in Shanghai who asked not to be named, told Xinhua, they now start price is 200 Yuan. "Oil prices, labor costs are now rubbing against rose, the prices are not much profit. "The staff member said, the price is relatively cheap in the industry.
Then calls its Sunday move, but immediately says "holiday moved to 30-80 more expensive than usual" holidays will be increased, which is prescribed by the company, nor can they didn't listen to me. In addition to the starting price, the staff says, move if you need to disassembly and Assembly services, parking space and corridor range fees, these plus the money, a total of baishige items. This is formal charges, unreasonable charges.
Xinhua learned from the Shanghai price Bureau, in Shanghai for the moving industry does not have a policy explicitly charges these moving companies are mostly in accordance with the market.