Shanghai today tell us about moving considerations

Shanghai moving company many precautions, but is that what we what, how much notice, what few problems moving company is reason, if only another aspect, that is to say, if not, then what should we do to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon.
Shanghai moving company employee is not fixed, movers, workers were moving companies just to the left of, in the labor is not very good. In a moving company worker is very chaotic. I remember once the worker has been in the moving company do, because of dissatisfaction with the boss, just came out today, and plans to find a moving company, or find something flexible.
I remember moving company insiders tell us that some sizable moving company or better, has a definite source, famous business is good, so long moving companies hire movers, moving company in Shanghai as we work this way, Porter and vehicles are a lot in the company, staff is very fixed, so that the moving company is not something.
There is also a moving company although it is small, but they will not hire porters for a long time, but will specifically find some familiar people to do, worked at a time when to do they are fixed. Also has a personal business, they do not have a fixed Office, was going out and posted little notes, live to live, not live free.
So I remind friends who are moving to Shanghai, before you move, to see if normal moving company, moving company employees are not uniform clothing, and if not, that we have to choose carefully so as not to be fooled or temporary found the company, cannot be guaranteed at all.