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"Malicious charges do not say the move process, after repeated phone calls, send text messages to harass me. "Yesterday morning, Miss readers call the morning news hotline, reflect the 3 months of harassment. After being harassed again, Miss Wan had to select an alert by the police to deal with this.
In June this year, Wan Xiaojie counters need to withdraw, they began to pay attention to moving companies ads. One afternoon, she saw one moving company ad in the home box, printed with low prices attracted Miss Wan. According to the Lady, she is moving, except in some shelves, most of them are small objects and, in addition, she is moving the distance but from and department stores to zhangyang road, Pucheng road nearby, but before and after about 1 km. Wan Xiaojie contact each other immediately, booked a midsize car, and decided to move costs 200 Yuan.
The next morning, the moving company workers promise to come, these workers have just shipped a few shelves to stairs and began to wait. Asking to just learned that these people want to add money and appetite, want an increase of 250 Yuan, which Miss Wan unable to accept. Miss Wan only shelves eventually move back upstairs, looking for home moving company.
Miss Wan unexpected trouble yet to come. A few days later, she suddenly got a strange message on a mobile phone, scolded her not to make moving business, after which she went on to receive text messages and phone calls from this number, all swear words. "The other worse, lasts 3 months but he still refused to stop. "Yesterday morning, when Wan Xiaojie again after receiving harassing phone calls from the other, finally no longer select alarm.