Shanghai moving company made clear that he views

Parked side by side on the street more than 10 vehicles in Shanghai now moving trucks are everywhere, some drivers say the recent move, the company moved a lot less people than in previous years, most moving companies business is hard. We visited Shanghai moving company.
Compared to the volume of business in nearly period had indeed declined over the same period last year, said the head of Shanghai moving company, which under the influence of various factors. Regulation policies enacted by the Government such as housing prices decline in housing turnover, this will naturally reduce the amount of business.
Now is the most important change of living concept. Hot move there will be a lot of things, before a worthless bunch, often have one half of two or three cars to finish. Today after new House decoration will purchase a full set of new furniture, also took the opportunity to upgrade, old furniture and electrical appliances are to stay in the House, as complementary to sell or rent out, so one could move out.
Moving heads in Shanghai also said many Shanghai moving company also introduced air conditioning machines, handling the piano business, but due to the many employees of the moving company had no professional training, so most people will opt for more professional piano lines or air paid after-sales service to do, it also reduces the moving company's profits. But large moving companies such as Shanghai moves due to the high market share, so the impact is relatively small.