Company HR will face what issues

Recently, we found that Shanghai moving company receiving the moving living increases than before. Makes sense, as the company's strategic development, the company continued to expand, and adapt to, the company's staff will continue to increase. Various causes of the company's Office-station area is not enough, room tension and bring a lot of inconvenience to the daily. Through the expansion of existing office space or looking for bigger Office calls for long.
Move, not just the duties of the Executive Branch, for the HR Department and the company's managers, each responsible. Find a reliable moving company in Shanghai is one of the tasks.
Every move mean for HR departments have responsibilities and challenges--need to be concerned about the impact of change on employees of the company changes. All of the company's managers led by the HR Department, employee relations, will move to bring the various unfavourable factors to the minimum, quickly threw himself into his work.
From the moment decided to move house, and administrative personnel department colleagues began a long, find office space, companies doing renderings with the renovation, purchase of office furniture, as busy as a bee. Although they have done a lot of work, employee complaints are heard: moving our items to be found; how to select sites, commute too inconvenient; around the companies don't even have a decent restaurant; decoration is so big the company, will be detrimental to health ... ...
How can you maximize employee satisfaction? How to minimize adverse factors of moving? How to reduce staff turnover due to company? These are left for the HR challenges.

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